Welcome to Clovelly Out of School Care

Our Philosophy 

“At Clovelly Out of School Care we respect the value and benefit of play in childhood and believe it contributes significantly to a child’s development as it scaffolds a foundation for continuous constructive learning throughout life. We foster opportunities for children’s evolution by providing a nurturing and stimulating environment which promotes exploration, independence, creativity and confidence. We acknowledge that middle childhood is a precious time where children form friendships, learn vital social skills and experience innocent wonder, joy and laughter in their time out of school. At COOSC we aim to embrace each child’s uniqueness by encouraging open communication, inclusive practices, and diversity through our programs, understanding and attitude. Educators strive to be appropriate role models, promoting self-esteem, rights and responsibilities, fairness and honesty and aim to build respectful relationships with families and the community.”

A Recent Coosc Project

Education for Sustainability (EfS) is embedded into our daily practices and planned program through a range of ways in Coosc. We continuously research, with the children, new ways in which we can live and play more ‘green’. Here is a short videos of the different ongoing initiatives we practice in Clovelly Out of School Care.