Meet the COOSC Team

Director, Nominated Supervisor & Education Leader

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNSW & and have completed a Diploma in School Age Education and Care. I spent over 6 years travelling abroad exploring diverse cultures through 35 different countries in 5 separate continents. I lived & worked in a remote village in Costa Rica as a Volunteer building an aqueduct with the community & teaching English in the local school. I have worked in OOSH in Sydney for over ten years as a Director & Assistant Director. I am also a qualified Hairdresser, a devoted photographer & am currently working on my first novel.

Assistant Director/Responsible Person

I have worked with children for over 9 years, it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have worked as a nanny, in long day care and in Out of School Hours services. I have a Certificate 3 and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and I am working towards a Bachelor of Primary Teaching, currently in my third year.
I love to travel and feel children should learn about the world around them in fun ways. I also believe in embedding respect and inclusion in everything I do. I know AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) and enjoy sharing this with children too.

Senior Permanent Educator/Responsible Person

My passion for snowboarding dominated my world for the last 3 years as I carved up the Canadian slopes and lived life to the fullest. This time abroad gave me extraordinary life experience where I evolved and became self-aware of my place on earth. But the snowboard bubble had to burst and I returned to home to study, I’m about to complete a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of laws with a major in Education. I joined the COOSC team in 2012 and love partaking in the various experiences with children of all ages

Senior Permanent Educator

I am a proud ex-Clovelly kid so working here is as nostalgic as it is enjoyable. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of NotreDame, and am eager to get teaching. I love the creative arts (particularly music), and am at my happiest in the sunshine or the ocean. I look forward to continuing to build relationships with the children here at COOSC and learn and grow in the field of childcare.

Brooke M
Educator/Responsible Person

After joining COOSC in 2018, I have enjoyed working in the creative and lively environment! I maintain a keen interest in education and working with children, and am currently completing my Bachelor in Primary Education at Sydney University. I love being outdoors (particularly in the ocean), music and travelling. I’m looking forward to future experiences at COOSC and continuing to learn and build relationships with the children.

Lili- Skye
Educator/Responsible Person

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science as I am very passionate about health and fitness. I also love learning about different cultures around the world and love to travel. Another passion of mine is art, I particularly love drawing and painting with the children as I am able to teach them new techniques in order to develop their art making skills. I joined the COOSC team in 2017 and love how the environment is always positive, happy and safe.

Educator/Responsible Person

I have recently completed a Masters in Primary Teaching. My first teaching placement was at Clovelly Public, and I loved it here so much I had to stay and work at COOSC! When I’m not working in museums giving tours to school groups, travelling to every corner of the globe or at home looking after my dog and budgie, I’m here at COOSC enjoying lively discussions in Book Club, running craft activities to connect kids to the world around them or playing a highly competitive game of Scattegories.


I am currently completing a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. I enjoy building positive relationships with the children and learning about their unique and quirky personalities. I joined the COOSC team in 2017 and have loved the fun and enthusiastic environment. When I’m not at COOSC or at uni I’m down at the beach enjoying a frappe!


I have recently completed a Bachelor of Business and International Studies where I major in Finance, Economics and Spanish. I joined the Coosc team in 2019 and really enjoy participating in all kinds of various experiences with the children. I enjoy practicing my Spanish and especially enjoy being teased about my accent by many of the children with a spanish background who attend Coosc.


Hi, I’m Nathan, I joined the COOSC team in Term 4 2018 and have felt right at home from day one. My passion for sports and learning about different cultures has really driven my love for this job. I recently got back from a three month trip around Europe and I am currently completing a Bachelor of Business at UTS, majoring in marketing and finance. I enjoy the active, fun and positive environment at COOSC and look forward to learning and developing strong relationships with the children and their families.


I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science as I am super passionate about health and well being. I have always enjoyed looking after children and have so much fun creating interactive ways of playing out doors with them! I also studied occupational therapy for a period of time and enjoy seeing kids develop their skills through play and creativity. The COOSC environment is a positive and caring environment which I was lucky enough to join this year.


I have always had a passion for working with children, and working at COOSC this year has allowed me to really invest in this passion.
I first knew I had a love for working with children after going on a Service Trip to Nepal in 2016 where I worked at School for children with down syndrome. It was truly an eye-opening experience and I hope to one day go on a volunteering trip and work at a primary school in Kenya.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education (specialising in Early Childhood) at The University of Notre Dame, and was just accepted into the International Baccalaureate
Program which will allow me to do my third-year prac overseas, as well as gain perspectives on new pedagogies and how children interpret the world. I love the bonds I have made with the children at COOSC and hope I can continue to improve as an educator here and in my future career.


My names Sam, I joined the Coosc family at the beginning of 2020 after just graduating in 2019 from St Catherine’s. Living in Singapore for 11 years has allowed me to gain a different perspective and appreciation on life as well as myself with moving to over five schools. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Sociology and Marketing at Sydney Uni while having a lot of interests in the arts that I do in my spare time. Working at Coosc has been a learning environment for myself as well as the children that has been nothing but enjoyable and fun!


I’m Andreas, and I joined the COOSC team in Term 2 this year. After leaving school, I’ve coached Basketball for boys and girls teams, as well as teaching music, two things I love sharing with the Clovelly Kids! I’m studying a Design and Computer Science double degree, so there’s nothing better away from my screen, and getting actively involved in all the experiences COOSC has to offer.


I’m Ben, I joined COOSC in Term 3 of 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it so far. Whilst completing a Bachelor of Business at UTS, working at COOSC is a great chance to get active and also collaborate creatively with the children through my love of sport and art. The environment created here is full of happiness and warmth and I am excited to create meaningful experiences for the children in the future.

Lili M