Parents wishing to engage the services of Clovelly Out of School care must complete and submit a current enrolment form prior to their children’s first day. Confirmation of enrolment will be sent via electronic means from Centre Management. Enrolment is $80.00 annually per family. The Centre has a quota of licensed places for after school care,  before school care and vacation care and we cannot exceed this quota. The educators at the Centre will do their best to provide families with the care they require however this is not always possible. The Centre has a waiting list, which records the needs of families awaiting places, please contact the centre if you wish to check your status on the waitlist.

Please note: Children cannot attend the Centre unless they are registered.

COOSC Family Handbook

The Family Handbook details all Coosc policies and operating procedures.
2021 Family Handbook

Fee Schedule

Fee schedules are based on the provision of quality care. The fee level is kept as low as possible to allow access to all working parents, while providing acceptable working conditions for staff.
Current Fee Schedule


Places can only be secured with the return of your Enrolment Form to the centre or via email. Download our current Enrolment form here.

Routine Bookingsthese are regular bookings of 1-5 mornings/afternoons per week. Routine bookings must be paid for whether your child is in attendance or not. Please note that a cancellation of a routine booking must be made in writing via email 2 weeks in advance and must be dated and signed. If you need change or add to your permanent routine days please email or speak with the Director or Assistant Director.

Casual Bookingsthese are bookings that are irregular. These can be made in advance or by 9.00am on the day for after school care. Casual before school bookings need to be made, at the latest, by 5:30pm the day prior to the morning session. They can also be emergency bookings. Please note that casual bookings can only be made if places are available for that day.

Vacation Care Bookings: Vacation Care Programs are released Monday Week 7 every term. Vacation Care is allocated on a first come, first served basis. However, additional priority will be given to those families that hold permanent places in before and after school care during term time.